BillyBob's Top 10 BBQ Tips

1. There is no need to preheat your smoker.

2. If your smoker gets it's heat from the bottom, put your meat as high up as possible because heat rises.

3. The thicker the piece of meat, the more rub it can handle. Cake on as much as you can get a brisket and pork butt to hold. Knock the excess off ribs.

4. When using aluminum foil, the shiny side ALWAYS goes to the food. (For reflection purposes)

5. Always save the drippings from whatever you're smoking to pour back on the meat after it's done.

6. When you take meat our of the smoker, don't let it rest as people have often said. Transfer the meat directly from the smoker into the refrigerator with the foil still on it.

7. When you slice brisket, always make an "X" with the grain of the meat and your knife or slicer blade.

8. Never smoke boneless pork butts. They cost a lot more and tend to spread out in the smoker causing inconsistencies in the cooking temperatures.

9. My recipes work in the oven if you don't have a smoker or the weather won't cooperate for outdoor cooking. Just don't put any wood or pellets in the indoor oven!

Most Importantly; Treat you meat right. ALWAYS use BillyBob's Award-Winning Pork and Brisket Rub.